Design Your Own Tags

We are currently in the process of piloting our innovative tags and will be launching our easy to use web based drag and drop tag designer later this year.

Design your own key tags from scratch or by using pre-designed templates that you can easily customise

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Full Colour Both Sides

Printed in full colour on both sides of the key tag all designed by you from images or using our simple, powerful, drag-and-drop tools.

Waterproof and Tearproof

The key tags are printed onto a special medium that is fully waterproof and tearproof, not just resistant.

Use Any Pen

The key tags can be written on with a pencil, biro or marker giving you the freedom to use the writing tool you please.


The key tags are printed on a medium that has similar hardwearing benefits to hard plastic tags but with the flexibility of manilla tags.


Initially provided as 40mm wide by 70mm high with a 4mm hole punch near the top of the tag and fully corner rounded. In the future we aim to expand to offering a selection of sizes.

Template Gallery

We will offer a full gallery of professional designs across numerous market sectors for you to brand or use as a base design to fully customise.


You can enable sharing allowing you to take advantage of other customers templates that you can easily customise with your own brand/details or utilise directly.

Real-time Proof

You design or customise the tags visually and get a real time proof meaning What You See Is What You Get. Fields to be completed on the tag are automatically laid out for you based on simple parameters.

Every Tag Different

You can choose to substitute multiple different images for placeholder sections e.g. sequential or shuffled distribution of 10 different images on the back of 300 common design tags.

No setup costs

We deliver premium quality without minimum quantities or setup costs. We encourage innovation and for you to tailor your tag to your needs or process. We are happy to supply orders of just 10 tags!

Change Designs Often

You can change the design of your tags with each order as often as you like so you can have new tags for different seasonal or monthly offers or promotions.

Quick Re-ordering

You can quickly re-order any previous design either just by entering a quantity or using it as a base to tweak e.g. a change of address or name of a field.

Asset Tracking

Each tag has its own unique code, both visible (for manual entry) and a QR Code representation (for mobile device scanning).


When scanning the QR Code on a device or manually entering the code, the user will be automatically redirected to a URL of your choice.

URL Management

The URL is managed per design of tag and order, and is independent of the printing of the tag meaning you can change the URL whenever you wish and have each design in an order go to a different URL.


Every scan of the tag is anonymously captured, and you will be able to see analytics of scans and drill down to specific designs within orders.

For more information please contact us on 0845 4900903 or